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Eventually, question arises what kind of sports wear are perfect for workout especially in these pandemic times when health has become priority and nobody wants to step out. It becomes more comfortable and wee feel more homely and attached when we are wearing cloths which are comfortable yet stylish to wear.

When you go for your workout your clothing style not only signifies your passion for being healthy but also provides you an aura. Today, these workout wears has picked up acceptance or admiration as these are fashionable yet give you comfort for your workout actions. Proper clothing plays a significant role when your execution is counted.

When we think about working out outside our homes, weather conditions plays a crucial role and where again we talk about proper or suitable clothing. Light shade loose active wears are a must for sunny or summer season.

While, if we talk about cold or winter season, sportswear which are thick and warm steals the show.

Other factor which affects our choice for sports clothing is activity or motion. Action keeps us motivated and inclined towards our goal to be healthy and this inclination comes with cloths which helps you to comfortably stretch during your workout which can be any – running, jogging, swimming, yoga etc.

Considering these factors where material, comfort and style blends, you can choose your wear with your eyes closed from us where we custom active wear manufacturer.

About Us

Welcome to NVP Sports.

Vyom Fashions started its first manufacturing unit with manufacturing of blankets in year 1983 in historical city Panipat with aim of achieving the good name in the field and from then it has crossed all the ups and downs in the field with its second manufacturing unit established for manufacturing of Yarns of blankets, mat & bedsheets.

Running with its full capacity of work we have started a new manufacturing unit for Sports Apparel.

In addition to Sports Apparel, we Shoe Upper company have established manufacturing in field of fabric and Fly – Knit Shoe Upper.

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